I’m The Official DJ For UNC Football


Proud to say that I’ve been chosen as the DJ for UNC Football this year! I’ll be at all the home games spinning music during warmups/prior to the game, and during the game I’ll provide some music from the PA booth as well.

This my first time playing for a sports organization so to say I’m excited is an understatement. Looking forward to the season and growing.

  • Jon Giddens

    i think it would be cool to play Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” at the Thursday night game against Miami!

    • djforge

      Jon, that sounds like a good choice, I’ll add it to my list that night! Come back and remind me though!

  • chip

    Opening to “Can’t see me” 2-pac would be hype.

  • sakerlina gets beatdown 8/29

    “In the Air Tonight” was a Butch Davis staple. I think it would be cool to play some of it then cut to something else that’s more up tempo, more hype (Fedora style). Kind of an “out with the old, in with the new” type of thing.

    I think it’s awesome that we’ll have a DJ at the games. Great idea. Good luck DJ Forge.

    • djforge

      Thanks! Looking forward to everything

  • Jonathan

    Check out coheed and cambria’s welcome home for an entrance song.

  • SouthernLeeParent

    Drowning Pool – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

  • Heel Yeah

    In The Air tonight?
    umm hows bout noooo. please
    Im sure you got better than that!

    • djforge

      I’m taking everything into consideration so if you have a suggestion let me know

  • Bill

    Jonathan, Ive been thinking about that coheed and cambria song too as a Bad A&& entrance song. If i some editing skills I would put a video together and send it to whoever to check it out. DJforge def check out beginning and end with all the ooooo’s being sung with shredding guitar. The beginning when it kicks in has that kick the doors down and lets go sound.

    • djforge

      gonna check it out. thanks!

  • BMFD

    m.A.A.d. City (clean version obviously) would be a sick hype song to use. Another suggestion, more rap to hype up the players rather than rock for the fans. Looking forward to hearing your playlists during games.

    • djforge


  • mempheel

    Dear Lord please don’t play Phil Collins = uber lame
    Football needs octane; try:

    “Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC
    “I Ain’t the One” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath

    you get the picture…

  • Huge Heel

    2 Chainz “fresh as hell if the Fed’s watchin” would be so dope to come out to.

  • Jeff Blackwood

    Downstait “Beat Down”

  • Chris

    Don’t disband the traditional start of the 4th quarter Hells Bells/Cant Be Touched remix…that’s my jam!!!!!

    • djforge

      I think any staples of the game are going to remain in tact

  • Chris

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  • Chris

    Tiesto – Maximal Crazy. Thursday night game vs. Miami. Alright thanks.

  • Dominic Nick Corwin

    “Jump Around” is a STAPLE of Carolina basketball. I think we really need to incorporate it more at the football games. The students *love* it!

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  • nkwerner

    Can you tell us what songs you played during the games? I really liked them but don’t know that names…thanks!

    • djforge

      Yep, I’m posting a list within the next couple of days

    • djforge

      Posted the playlists, back on the front page of the site. Sorry for the delay!